EJ 13 to be brand new!

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EJ 13 to be brand new!


Jordan's aerodynamic specialist Henri Durand told the Jordan official website that the new EJ13 will be a totally different car from the 2002 edition. Not only will it sport a complete new chassis to incorporate the Cosworth engine, it will also be aerodynamically very different.

"We have created a brand new design concept for the EJ13. In addition, the Ford Cosworth engine is comprehensively different from the Honda we used this year, so there will have to be an entirely new chassis and a new gearbox before we can run it."

It was revealed this week that the Ford engine did not fit in the back of the 2002-spec EJ12, leaving the team without any opportunity to test during the first part of the off-season. Durand however backed his team principal Eddie Jordan by saying that building an adjusted EJ12 would have been a waste of resources.