Toro Rosso did the best they could

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Before qualifying, Franz Tost and Giorgio Ascanelli had a bet for a bottle of world famous Sassicaia wine on where our two drivers would finish. Franz said 9 and 12 Giorgio said 11 and 13, so the bet moves on to Valencia.

Sebastian Vettel: "A shame to miss out on Q3 by one hundredth, but we expected it to be tight. We can be happy though, especially given I only managed nine laps yesterday. It means we did a good job today. Now we can do what we like in terms of fuel load for the race and hopefully find a good strategy. I've yet to do a long run this weekend but I think we can find a good compromise between qualifying and race pace and we have a good set-up on the car."
Third Practice Session: Best lap 1.21.184, pos. 8th, 22 laps
Qualifying Session: Best lap 1.20.144, pos. 11th

S├ębastien Bourdais: "I struggled with the Option tyre as it gave me no grip and I was sliding around more and had no feel for the car. I was very happy in a well balanced car earlier on but after that I'm not really sure what happened. I am disappointed, because even if Q3 would have been hard to reach, I could not match my Q1 time in Q2." Third Practice Session: Best lap 1.21.179, pos. 7th, 21 laps
Qualifying Session: Best lap 1.20.963, Pos. 14h

Giorgio Ascanelli: "I think we recovered well today from not having done enough running with Vettel yesterday. Bourdais did a good job, but did not get his last qualifying run quite right, as unlike his team-mate, he was unable to take advantage of the extra grip from the Options. All in all, I think we exploited the potential of our package and did a good job. For Vettel, the one unknown tomorrow will be driving on a full tank as he has not had the chance to try it."