Main issue is rear traction stability for Coulthard at China

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The final Chinese Grand Prix weekend for Red Bull Racing driver David Coulthard has kicked-off, but it hasn't been the best start for the Scot. Coulthard believes the main issue is the rear traction stability. It appears that the team still has some work to do for tomorrow's qualifying session.

Mark Webber, 1st Practice P11, 2nd Practice P5
"We did quite a few laps today, it was a good day of running. The track's in reasonable shape already, as I think the GP2 cars did some running here last week, so we could start straight away with checking the car's balance. The car ran faultlessly all day, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

David Coulthard, 1st Practice P14 2nd Practice P14
"Generally, it feels like the balance itself isn't so extreme, but that rear traction stability is the main issue, I think that's got a lot to do with the nature of the track here though. Regarding overall load, we just don't seem to be generating a lot of grip."