Sao Paulo is a fascinating city - Heidfeld

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The F1 teams travelled to the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo for the final race of the 2008 championship. The race in Brazil is always a bit special for Nick Heidfeld: the BMW Sauber F1 Team driver has got to know two sides of Sao Paulo.

"Sao Paulo is an extremely impressive and fascinating city," says Heidfeld, who travels to Sao Paolo with Formula One for the eighth time in 2008. However, the 31-year-old sees the Brazilian metropolis as a city with two faces. "From the airport you drive through the most diverse regions. You see the 'Favelas', where there is nothing but tin huts, and the people live in absolute poverty. Then right next to this you find giant skyscrapers and company headquarters," says Nick. "The two extremes really are right next to each other."

The cheerful side of Sao Paulo reminds Nick of the carnival period back in his homeland. This is the popular fifth season in both Brazil and in the German Rhineland region. "The most important thing is just to enjoy the atmosphere," says Nick, knowingly. "However, I think the carnival in Brazil takes place in a smaller area than at home in the Rhineland, where it takes over the entire city. In Brazil it is more likely to be based over about a mile, which is swarming with spectators. That is certainly interesting, but I think I prefer the carnival in Cologne."

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