Renault officially present R29

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The Renault Formula One team have today revealed its newest design, the R29 that complies with the latest regulations for 2009. Most important is also the upgrade of engine performance as Renault was exclusively allowed to develop its engine over the winter period.

Renault's newest car attempts to move away from the dismal performances of 2007 and early 2008 and builds upon the progress made mainly by Fernando Alonso in the second half of 2008.

It appears that Renault have again found their way with some radical solutions. At the front of the car, the huge nose immediately draws attention and is in stark contrast to the designs of Ferrari or McLaren. While it doesn't look that elegant, it will surely help to add some downforce at the front of the car while providing room for the engineers to put in ballast at the very front of the car - considering the new Bridgestone slicks require a much forward weight distribution.

The front wing is another interesting story, with end plates that completely adverse designs of competing teams. In fact it diverts airflow to the inside as well as to the outside of the front wheel in an attempt to reduce the front wheel's induced drag.

The sidepods meanwhile are shaped aggresively at the radiator air inlets but feature no barge boards or sidepod panels. More towards the rear it looks like Renault have followed the same phylosophy as Ferrari as they have also created fairly wide sidepods endings which are nonetheless low and heavily undercut.

Adding all this to an improved engine, this could very well be another race winning car, provided that Renault manage to get all special bits working together.