Williams display FW31 in winter livery

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Aside of Renault, Williams has today also unveiled its new car, designated the Williams FW31. The new car was simply put up on display after which it will begin testing at the Algarve circuit. This car is designed to erase the troubled performances of recent years.

Williams do have reason to be optimistic since they have started development work earlier than most of their competitors.

Strikingly, the new car features a similar fat nose as the latest Renault, while also the front wing is considerably different from the other 2009 cars. More at the back, the sidepod shows a bump where the forbidden flick-ups used to be. Williams is the first team to do so in what is almost certainly a means of clawing back the lost downforce of the roled out sidepod additions.

The new Williams Toyota FW31 will make its track debut at the 4.7km Algarve Motor Park circuit later today.