Hamilton should keep a cool head, warns Stewart

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After some dramatic incidents which have led to the McLaren F1 team being invited to a WMSC court hearing after giving out misleading information to the FIA stewards, Lewis Hamilton is being advised by Sir Jackie Stewart to keep a cool head. Stewart told 'F1live' that the current world champion and his father should not make any rash decisions, as they could damage his future career in the sport.

As a three time world champion, Stewart advises the young McLaren driver, "Lewis and his father need to keep cool heads right now. If he goes elsewhere it could destroy his career, certainly put it in jeopardy."

While re-assuring Hamilton that while his team isn't competitive at the moment, they will come back sooner or later, "McLaren are not competitive right now but there is no reason why there could not be an immense improvement in the next two or three races."