Prodrive not giving up on Formula One grid spot

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Despite years of interest in Formula One, the Prodrive group will once again miss out in competing against the likes of Ferrari and McLaren. The FIA have left the british racing group out of the running after accepting another three candidates instead. Although they have left a bitter taste in the FIA's mouth, after being accepted for the 2008 season, but backing out on their word and never realizing their promises.

"We are naturally disappointed by the FIA's decision not to include Prodrive in the preliminary entry list for 2010 as we believe we have the resources and set-up to be competitive in Formula One and would make a positive contribution to the sport," started the statement by Prodrive boss David Richards.

"We will wait to see how things develop in the next week up to the 19th June deadline set by the FIA," he added, "And we remain prepared and ready to implement our plans should the circumstances allow. As we have seen before, there are quite often many twists and turns in Formula One."