3 years of secured funding for Brawn GP

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The Brackley-based Brawn GP team has secured 3 years of funding starting in 2010, 'autosport' has confirmed. It was worried that after their debut season the team would run into financial troubles, but now CEO Nick Fry has spoken out about new sponsorship agreements which will come into effect with next years car.

Fry shared with 'autosport', “We have zero worries on funding for this year, next year, the year after, and the year after that. I smile when people talk about money, because we’ve always had the finances for this year, and neither Ross nor I would not have taken on the team if we did not have the money for this year.

“We've signed some nice contracts, and those will come out into the open when we launch the car next year, but we will see what happens. There is zero worry on our side," he concluded.