I've never asked to be number one - Alonso

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Ferrari's Fernando Alonso is hoping for equal treatment at the Scuderia alongside his teammate Felipe Massa, and declares that he has never demanded number one status within any of his race teams. Although he does admit to have like number two at certain times when at McLaren in 2007.

"I'm not saying to the team that I want to have anything better for me. What I do is work 110 per cent with the team and if the team is not working 110 per cent too it's not right," Alonso told the press at the annual Wroom media event in Madonna di Campiglio. "I'm a guy who will push everybody to do their best job possible, as their push me to do the best job possible.

"I never asked to be number one driver in any team in my career and that's coming from nowhere, and keeps repeating again from a minority," he added. "But what I don't want to be, for sure, is number two, like it happened sometimes in 2007."

The Spaniard is feeling quite at home with the Maranello based Scuderia, and had this to say, "I immediately had a good feeling with every part of the team and everybody was extremely available for me, trying to satisfy my needs and my proposals as good as possible. I was really impressed by the passion you can feel in Maranello everywhere in the company and in the city. The legendary history of the Prancing Horse can be seen in everything. I think that Ferrari is much more than just a Formula 1 team. For me like for anybody it’s a dream come true.”