GP2 test with Michael Schumacher comes to an end

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Much drier conditions allowed Michael Schumacher to run with slicks on his GP2 car for more laps than were possible the previous two days, and even though it was dry and sunny, heavy winds were still a problem. The Mercedes driver completed 130 laps today (576kms) for a total distance of 1151kms over the three day test session. As for the best lap time of the day, it was a 1:24.621, covered on the last run of three consisting of 20 laps each.

Michael Schumacher said: “I could really drive a lot on this last day of testing and it worked out perfectly. I am very happy with the way testing went here: we worked well, times and consistency were well, we could do everything we had scheduled to do. I feel fit, I felt comfortable immediately back in the car – hey, let’s go for it!””

GP2 Series organiser Bruno Michel said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity for the GP2 Series and everyone involved in the competition. Michael Schumacher’s analysis and feedback was fantastic and the GP2 technical staff who has been working with him this week is positive that what has been learned from this development test will provide us with an even better car in 2011.

“We are very happy that Michael chose our car to get his sensations back at the wheel of a high-performance machine and that he stated that it was the closest thing to a current Formula 1 car. He made a few comments comparing the GP2 and the F1 cars notably regarding their handling.

We are now looking forward the second round of the GP2 Asia Series next month in Abu Dhabi and we would like to wish Michael all the best for his return to Formula One.”