Alonso switches helmet design and supplier

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During Ferrari's wrooom event at Madonna Di Campiglio, Fernando Alonso made his first outing for Ferrari. He appeared at the Italian event with a brand new helmet design, painted on his new helmet provided by Ferrari's partner Schuberth

The new Schuberth helmet marks a departure of Alonso's long time partner Arai, who have been supplying his helmets since he started racing with Renault in 2004. The German helmet designer is however the technical partner of Ferrari since 2001. It therefore comes to no surprise that all 2010 Ferrari drivers will wear a Schuberth piece, as did Kimi Räikkönen and Michael Schumacher during their years at Ferrari.

Alonso hugging Fisichella at Ferrari wrooom event

With the design, Alonso switches back to more blue in his colours, a reference to his home region Asturia in Spain. The design retains the distinctive two lightning flashes on the top of the helmet.

In 2008, the Spaniard was running a predominantly blue Arai helmet, before dumping the blue for a year in an attempt to better match the Renault's colours.

Fernando Alonso's 2008 and 2009 helmet designs