Winning with Ferrari will take time according to Alonso

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Ferrari's most recent arrival Fernando Alonso is prepared to wait for success with the famous Scuderia just like Michael Schumacher was forced to do so when he arrived from Bennetton in 1996. Alonso shared his thoughts with Spanish radio station 'Onda Cero', "It's not that easy. Michael Schumacher himself needed five years to win after joining Ferrari."

Adding, "Formula 1 is not simply mathematics. We see the same in football and in other sports, where you see that a great team can lose in a small team's stadium. In F1 it's more or less the same, and theory is not everything. Then things on track must go well and you have to prove things."

As for which teams will be the contenders for the championships, Alonso responded, "Even though we'll see in February's test, as of today there are four teams who are favourites and the good thing is that Ferrari is among them." The three other teams being Mercedes, McLaren, and Red Bull.

When asked how he and Felipe Massa are getting along and if he expects any issues between the two, he said, "That's the expectation created by a big team, with the all media attention it brings. There's not a problem, we are both prepared to help Ferrari."