Button and Brawn GP honoured with Laureus award

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Both Jenson Button and the Brawn GP Team have won a prestigious Laureus award during the award ceremony yesterday evening in Abu Dhabi. Button received the 'Breakthrough of the Year' award while Brawn GP received the 'World Team of the Year' throphy.

Button said: "Wow, I think somebody forgot to tell Laureus I'm 30-years-old. Breakthrough Sportsman!

"In fact, 2009 was a very special year of my life. When I started the season I didn't think I'd actually be racing in Formula One. So to clinch the title with Brawn GP in our first year was a very emotional experience for me, and the team deserve some of the credit for this trophy.

Nick Fry CEO of the Mercedes GP Team, last year known as Brawn GP, said: "It's a huge honour to be collecting this Award. Unfortunately, Ross Brawn, my partner in crime, has to send his apologies. He had an equally important trophy to pick up from the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

"A year ago we had a team owner that needed to get out of Formula 1. We had no sponsors and things looked fairly grim. Our 719 employees decided to build the car regardless, even though they may not have had jobs and the car may not have got on the grid. The two drivers also continued training, despite the fact that they might have had to watch the races on television.

"We all decided to fight. We had no engine, but Mercedes-Benz came to our rescue and provided us with the best engine in Formula 1. Sponsors then came on board - people showed faith in us. We ended up winning six of the first seven races and winning the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships."

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