Alonso boosts Santander media value

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The victory for Fernando Alonso certainly did not please only the fans of the Scuderia Ferrari. One major stakeholder happy with the new success is Banco Santander, the Spanish bank that is now one of the main sponsors for the Italian team.

The victory of Fernando Alonso yesterday at the first Grand Prix of the season has to satisfy, in addition to fans, the sponsor Banco Santander. After that first race, the Spanish bank makes a great photo op by El Pais.

A consultant of the Iberian bank spoke to El Pais about the media value of the deal between Ferrari and Santander. He estimates that the period between the introduction of the Ferrari F10 and Fernando Alonso's victory at Bahrain is worth 25 million euros.

While this figure might look staggering, Santander is reported to invest approximately 50 million euros per year into the Scuderia, while it is also still involved with McLaren.