Another retirement for de la Rosa, Kobayashi 12th

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F1 Grand Prix, GP Spain, Circuit de Catalunyaes

After a clear improvement in qualifying, the race result was less than the team expected. At least Kamui Kobayashi finished his first race this year. Both drivers were hit by other cars on lap one. While Kobayashi lost some places, for De la Rosa it led to another retirement.

Kamui Kobayashi: 12th C29.01 / Ferrari 056 “I had a good start but in turn three I was hit by Robert (Kubica). I think I left him enough room but he said he had understeer. However, this was where I lost ground. I came back from the gravel in 15th. I’m convinced, given the progress we made with the car, without this incident I would have been able to score points today. Later I got stuck behind Vitaly (Petrov) in the other Renault. It is really not easy to overtake on the Circuit de Catalunya. I tried hard but it didn’t work out. At least I finished my first Grand Prix this year.“

Pedro de la Rosa: DNF C29.03 / Ferrari 056 “I can’t explain how disappointed I am. I had a good start but I got hit by a Toro Rosso which caused a rear tyre puncture. I pitted for a tyre change but meanwhile the damage to the car, caused by the exploded tyre, was quite extensive. We tried to continue but the car was undriveable. It just made no sense and we had to give up.”

Peter Sauber, Team Principal: “Looking back to the race weekend, it was positive we improved the performance of the car which enabled Kamui to make it to the top ten in qualifying. And finally he was able to finish his first race this season. Unfortunately it was compromised on lap one when he was hit from behind. The same applies to Pedro, who was touched also from behind by another competitor, destroying not only the tyre but, as a result, also the floor of the car and this forced him to retire.”

James Key, Technical Director: “Obviously it is disappointing not to score some points today, because this was clearly possible. Both drivers got away at the start but Pedro’s car was hit from behind which gave him a puncture. He came into the pits and changed his tyres. But out on the track again he reported a lot of oversteer. We looked into the data and decided to call him in, because there was too much damage to the floor. Kamui made a good start, but was also tapped from behind in turn three and lost several positions. From then on it was about recovering as much as possible, but he was held up by the drivers in front of him. It’s difficult to overtake in Barcelona. He drove an excellent race and got a finish for the car which was important for us. The car was very reliable throughout the race. Unfortunately he could have finished higher, as the pace was definitely good enough to be in the top ten.”