Ferrari's winter preparation come to an end as the car launch approaches

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At the Fiorano track, preparations are underway for the presentation of the new Formula 1 car and in Lanzarote in the Canary Isles, the training camp is coming to an end for Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Jules Bianchi and Davide Rigon.

The four drivers, along with the physiotherapists who look after them throughout the season, have spent the past few days tackling different sports, ranging from mountain biking to football, from tennis to ping-pong, not forgetting canoeing and working out in the gym or on the beach. All of this has taken place in very different conditions to those in Maranello, as the drivers enjoyed average daily temperatures of 20 °C.

The Lanzarote course was not only aimed at improving physical condition, which is absolutely vital in a demanding sport like Formula 1, but it was also an important exercise in team building, both because the competitive nature inherent in all the drivers spurred them to work even harder and in the right spirit and also because, spending time together reinforces the friendship between them.

In a few days, all four of them have important appointments. Jules will make a lightning visit to Maranello, before flying to England to start a new adventure as reserve driver for Force India, while, on 3 February, Fernando and Felipe will be taking part in the launch ceremony for the car they will be driving as from the Jerez test (7-10 February.)

Davide, who has recently extended his agreement with the Scuderia for two more years, will also be in Maranello: a lot of work awaits him in the simulator, in support of the development of the car that will see the light of day for the first time in a few days.

The programme has been established for the drivers in the three test sessions which take place prior to the Australian Grand Prix: in Jerez, Felipe will begin the development work, with Fernando closing the test; at the first Barcelona test, (21-24 February) it will be the Spaniard who drives for the first two days, with Felipe taking over for the final two; at the second session at the Catalunya Circuit (1-4 March) the driver order will again be reversed. Meanwhile the weather forecast for this week in the Maranello area is not very encouraging, with predictions of snow and very low temperatures. This means there is a real doubt as to whether it will be possible to carry out any promotional filming at the Fiorano track prior to heading for Jerez de la Frontera. It’s a very long way from Andalusia to the Emilia region and the departure of the car transporter with the racecar on board cannot be delayed any later than the afternoon of the fourth.

Source: Ferrari