Gene expects Red Bull advantage in 2014

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Spanish Ferrari test driver Marc Gene has said he believes Red Bull's advantage will continue into the 2014 Formula One season, despite the extensive regulation changes.

"There will always be continuity," Gene told Spanish newspaper AS. "The cars will still be F1 cars, and many parts of the car will be the same.

"The engine, gearbox, KERS, turbo ... the rear (of the car) is all brand new. The aerodynamics will be different, but there will be follow-on parts (from 2013) too. The team that wins the championship the year before always starts with an advantage, but maybe with less benefit (for 2014) than if there had been the same rules."

While Ferrari welcomes a change for less aerodynamic influence in Formula One, it will still be a dominant factor in the sport next year and beyond, and that is effectively where Red Bull and Adrian Newey have excelled in over the past years.

Apart from Red Bull, Gene does not expect any other team will make a big leap forward, despite claims that Mercedes AMG have been working on their 2014 much longer than Ferrari or Red Bull Racing.

"I don't think so," said Gene, "as they [Mercedes AMG] have been fighting for the constructors' championship with us right until the end. Red Bull has also been developing its car until very recently. I don't know if anyone will have a big advantage because of this."