Ferrari opens voting for 2014 car name

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Scuderia Ferrari have officially opened the voting to decide which will become the official name of the team's 2014 Formula One contender. The team has made 5 choices available with 2 currently the clear favourites.

The team reports that "within hours of the on-line ballot opening to choose the name of the next Prancing Horse car, over 105,000 fans from around the world have already cast their vote".

The 5 possible names nominated by Ferrari are F14T, F14 Maranello, F14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo and F616. At the moment, the names that are proving most popular are F14 T and F166 Turbo.

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Ferrari will make the name public one day ahead of the car's online launch which is set to take place in the afternoon of 25 January.