FIA allows current noses, regulation tweaks set for 2015

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The FIA have stepped in to declare the current Formula One car noses legal, moving its investigation into the safety of the new designs ahead for possible 2015 regulation tweak.

During last week's Jerez test, it became clear that some teams were unhappy with the solutions of others, judging the design solutions a mockery of the regulations and possibly making Formula One even more dangerous than it was with the high noses of 2013.

The FIA were unhappy with either solution and issued a technical directive on Thursday, asking teams to specify how they constructed their car's nose cones, requiring specifics of sections 50mm, 100mm and 150mm behind the tip of the nose.

However, as it would be likely that some teams would be severely disadvantaged by requiring them to redesign entirely new nose cones in time for the start of the season, the FIA have declared the new noses legal, but have repeated that further regulation changes will be made for 2015 to make sure that the "unsafe" workarounds on some 2014 cars are a thing of the past.