New teams on Formula One's horizon

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The world of Formula 1 could experience a major refreshment in the coming years with two interesting projects appearing in the spotlight with the aim of adding two new teams to the sport.

Caterham, HRT and Marussia were the latest outfits to join F1 four years ago. The teams have been struggling to keep themselves alive under fierce financial situations and HRT were even forced to pull out at the end of 2012. Now two squads can shake up the field in the near future.

The FIA confirmed a few weeks ago they had given the permission to NASCAR's team owner Gene Haas to join F1 either in 2015 or 2016. However the outfit is behind schedule. Haas recently confirmed that it will not be ready in time to run in 2015 as neither the location of the factory, nor the engine supplier is secured.

The governing body granted an entry to another project which is called Forza Rossa Team, although no official announcement has been made yet. This team is thought to be more viable than the US-based outfit because the FFR F1 Team has a much more promising foundation. It is planning to team up with Renault for a power unit supply.

Colin Kolles is also involved on the FFR project, an interesting prospect as the former team principal of HRT could ensure the availability of that team's previous development base in Munich, Germany. It is also reported that Romanian doctor and former health minister in his country is involved. He has been running different businesses and is the most important importer not only in Romania, but in the surrounding region.

Forza Rossa F1 is said to be pushing desperately for a 2015 start but as an official approval remains to be seen, chances for that slim as time progresses.