F1 departure is 'pure speculation' - Ferrari

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Scuderia Ferrari have released a statement on their website, denying reports that the Italian marque may be considering a departure from Formula One and instead go racing at Le Mans.

Ferrari President Luca Di Montezemolo reportedly said it may be an option for the company, following ousting his frustrations with the current regulations in F1. The fuel efficiency regulations and the engine freeze during the year are a particular annoyance for the Italian.

The team however said on its website that a departure from F1 is out of the question.

“Some elements of the media have suggested Ferrari would quit Formula 1 to concentrate on the Le Mans 24 Hours and Endurance racing.”

“This is a bit of a stretch based on President Luca di Montezemolo reiterating that Formula 1 needs to evolve and renew itself, while also admitting that there is a unique attraction to the [Le Mans] 24 hour race.

“To say that after 2020, Ferrari could quit Formula 1 to concentrate on Le Mans and the [World] Endurance Championship takes his words to extremes. Plus of course, there’s nothing to stop Ferrari upping the ante and competing in both disciplines. So it’s just pure speculation

Today, rumours arose once again when Ferrari scheduled a press meeting at Le Mans. The company was expected to announce a Le Mans Prototype programme but instead announced nothing new in this area. The team's F1 driver, Fernando Alonso meanwhile was allowed to officially give the start of this year's Le Mans 24h, earlier today at 15:00 local time.