F1 set for safety car overhaul in 2015

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Formula One is set for a major turnaround in the safety car procedure. A proposal to restart races from standstill following a safety car period has been approved.

Autosport has learned that the proposal was approved by teams and the F1 commission at a meeting in Biggin Hill this week.

The idea is part of a raft of proposals to spice up the Formula One show following ever declining TV viewers. The current procedure with the leader setting the pace during a restart was deemed not to be spectacular enough and has recently given little to no position changes.

After the changes, the race would be stopped once the lapped cars have unlapped themselves, starting a procedure identical to the actual start of the race or after red flag situations. It is hoped that starts form the grid will offer more excitement to fans.

Contrary to earlier proposals, including further attempts to increase the noise of F1 cars and mandatory titanium skid blocks to create sparks when cars touch the tarmac, the standing start is a change in format that may not be welcomed with open arms by everyone. One could argue that such standing starts are yet another attempt to artificially spice up the racing action.