Red Bull hits out at Renault

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Red Bull's senior figures, Christian Horner and Adrian Newey heavily criticised the team's engine partner, Renault which seems to have made a step back after promising serious improvements for 2015 over the winter.

Red Bull's struggles continue as Renaul't woes seem to be persistent in the new season. Renault have upgraded its engine with 20 tokens out of the allowance of 32 development units. However, the French engine maker was leapfrogged by rival Ferrari and is still long way behind the Mercedes engine. According to Daniel Ricciardo, Renault's power unit lacks of power and is very hard to handle coming out of slow corners.

Team principal Christian Horner openly criticised Renault and blamed them for making impossible to Red Bull to fight at the sharp end of the grid.

"I have no idea how they have managed to **** it up so badly," said Horner.

Star designer and consultant Adrian Newey was also harsh and accused Renault of not being collaborative.

"It’s frustrating that we’ve got an engine which is a long way behind with no obvious light at the end of the tunnel and all sorts of failings," he said.

"We keep trying to offer to get involved," said Newey. "It’s one thing where you’re not competitive but you can see your way out of it. It’s another when you’re not competitive and your partner doesn’t seem to be willing to deal with you.

"There seems a real reluctance by Renault to engage us," he added.

Red Bull also hit out at the Governing Body , FIA and claimed that they seem to be reluctant when it comes to give chance to engine manufacturers to decrease the gap to field-leading Mercedes.

„I think the FIA needs to be a bit more active rather than being completely passive and saying ’Well, that’s not our problem. They can’t just give up," Newey insisted. "There has to be some governance."