Vettel in honest mode after victory

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Sebastian Vettel crossed the chequered flag first at the Malaysian GP which was his maiden win in the famous red-colored car. The German also broke his own win-less streak which lasted more than a year.

Sebastian was in emotional fashion after ending his own win-less drought and triumphing for Ferrari at only his second race in red.

“It’s been a long day and an amazing feeling. To look down and see the guys from the podium, it’s just an incredible atmosphere,” started Sebastian.

“I can recall from the victories Fernando [Alonso] had and especially the victories Michael [Schumacher] celebrated with the team … It’s incredible to become part of that, something special and it makes me very happy.”

The German admitted that his last year’s struggles were mostly down to himself as he could not use his “office” in the way his former team-mate Daniel Riccardo was able to. He also said that this year’s car is like tailored to his style.

“Last year was tough and this is the first win in more than a year,” he added. “I have definitely missed not just the champagne but the top step in particular.”

“Its great to come back after last year when I just couldn’t get on top of the car. The balance of this car seems to suit my way a lot more than last year in general.”

Sebastian knew from Friday that Ferrari had something in their bag when it came to long run pace as the Italian machinery managed the heavily-degrading tyres very well.

„They pulled in, which surprised us a bit, but on Friday you could already see that they weren’t too happy on the medium compound and struggled.”

“I was able to keep up with them, which I enjoyed a lot, then after that I knew I had to deliver. Make the tyres last. They had a strong second stint but I was able to re-balance the car a little more and maintain a solid gap over the last few laps.”

The quadruple champion also revealed that he was on the verge of losing his calm as driving for Ferrari is something very special.

„Because I was looking at the top of the chassis and thinking, ‘this is the red car, you are about to win for Ferrari,’ but I made myself stop thinking that or I may have missed the next apex or something.

“So it was great relief when I crossed the line and saw the flag and the guys from the podium.”