Survey reveals fans want tyre war and refuelling

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The Grand Prix Drivers Association has revealed the results of its Formula One fan survey, with which it polled fans about their current interesting in the sport, and how they would prefer it to improve.

A statement from the GPDA read on Wednesday that 217,756 fans from 194 countries had responded to the online survey between May 22 and June 8.

"The fans are clear: they don’t want a radical overhaul of grand prix racing that takes it away from its historic roots," said GPDA chairman Alex Wurz.

"It may sound simple, but the best drivers and teams fighting on track in the most exciting cars is their priority. And we, the drivers, passionately share that view.".

“They want competitive sport, not just a show, and they think that F1’s business has become too important, jeopardizing our sport.”

It is clear from the results that fans indicated they currently see the sport as expected and boring whereas they want more emphasis on driver skills. Fans also request an effort to be made to bring drivers closer to the fans.

Perhaps the most interesting of items that comes out of the survey is that 80% of the respondents want multiple tyre suppliers in Formula One, contrary to the sport's sole tyre supplier now, a limit that was introduced by the FIA to ensure safety and control speeds.

The full survey results can be downloaded here.