Race weekend format won't change – Button

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Jenson Button dismissed the probability of a potential change of race weekend format which was discussed in a meeting of the Strategy Group on Wednesday.

Formula 1’s controversial Strategy Group met in Biggin Hill on Wednesday to have a serious look at possible changes which could bring fans back into the sport. One of the ideas was a change of race weekend format. The possible introduction of a Saturday qualifying race, race for third drivers and shortening of (the feature) race were discussed.

The idea was not welcomed among the Formula 1 fans as many of them were actually shocked by a radical change which would go against the rich history of Formula 1.

The change also split the drivers, just a few of them would actually welcome the move.

Lewis Hamilton was glad to hear the news.

"I would be very, very happy for the weekend to change," said Hamilton.

"I've been here nine years - Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday always exactly the same, so I'd be happy for them to muddle it up to make it more exciting. If the format is the same for the next seven years I don't think I could take that!”

McLaren’s Jenson Button is sure the radical idea won’t realize.

"I don't think that's going to happen," said the 2009 world champion. "It's not worth even commenting on, because it's not going to happen."

Nico Rosberg thinks changing the format would mean a farewell to long-living traditions.

"The only thing I find a pity is it goes away from the Formula 1 tradition, that's the biggest thing that would bother me. It's like suddenly having seven Grand Slams in tennis instead of four - that would really bother people."

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel stated that it would be a very bad idea to put through as this would rob some of the excitement of the Grand Prix.

"I love racing, but I'm traditional on some things so I'm not in favour of it," said Vettel.

"A grand prix should be a grand prix. I know it's only a qualifying race but it will take some of the spectacle from Sunday.”