Manor secures Mercedes 2016 PU package

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Manor and Mercedes AMG have confirmed to have signed a power unit deal. Mercedes will deliver their 2016 specification, along with fluid solutions from Mercedes' partner Petronas.

The extensive package looks set to give Manor F1 a big boost for next year. Currently, the 2016 regulations forced Mercedes AMG to deliver the latest specification in any case. However, a very important extra boon is the included (and not enforced by the regulations) supply of Petronas lubricants and fuel. The 2016 Mercedes PU is rumored to have extensive changes to the combustion chamber which has been very specifically developed with Petronas.

Furthermore, Manor also picked up its old partnership with Williams, who will supply transmission and suspension.

The news comes coincidentally a year after Marussia's issues started. Marussia's reincarnation Manor made a huge recovery ever since. John Booth also took a moment to thank Ferrari, stating that Ferrari did more than was contractually required to help out the team when it was in dire need.