Daniel Ricciardo wants the old V8 back

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Red Bull's star driver Daniel Ricciardo revealed that he would welcome the return of the old V8 engines because of their screaming and terrifying sound.

The technical rulebook of Formula 1 was heavily rewritten at the dawn of 2014 when it embarked on an all-new power unit era. The engine volume and performance were sized down and special emphasis was laid upon reusing energy. According to some, it resulted in a highly complex system and the loss of the famous thrilling F1 sound.

Like many Daniel Ricciardo would be glad to get those goosebumps-causing noises back.

“If you visit a race, the noise and the sound make the atmosphere. That is what Formula 1 misses, the characteristic screaming of F1 cars.” said the Australian.

Ricciardo drove the RB7, the energy drink company’s 2011 car in his native town on this weekend’s Speedfest event.

He was glad to provide an insight to the people what Formula 1 used to be.

“That is a V8, the real Formula 1 sound.” rejoiced Ricciardo. “That is the right package for this kind of event as the visitors can get an idea how Formula 1 should be.”