Räikkönen targets another step forward in 2016

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In 2015 Kimi Räikkönen embarked on the second year of his second era at Ferrari. He enjoyed this year along his friend Sebastian Vettel and expects further gains from his team in 2016.

„The year has finished and obviously for the next year people always expect more than the team did well this year, but it’s always different” said Räikkönen.

The Finnish driver was very happy with the team spirit this year.

„There were some new people and the atmosphere overall has been very good in the team this year compared to the previous year and obviously that’s normal for us.”

The 2007 champion is aware that Ferrari is the team which only can aim for wins and titles as the team's history dictates ultimate success.

„Obviously we all know where we want to be as Ferrari, Ferrari wants to win and it will not be easy, I mean, there are a lot of strong teams and all of them have the same idea of winning races and championships.”

„Obviously, having done better this year, we have more expectations for the next one, but we are here for winning races, to win championships, so we will give our 100% to try to bring back the championship for Ferrari, but it’s too early to say.”

Räikkönen promised that the team would do its very best to take on the fight against its big rival Mercedes. However, he knows that they have to wait until the first test to get the first idea how the pecking order will shape up in the next year's campaign.

„We can do our best but we can’t control what the others do, so we have to keep working the same way, always improving, then we will see where we end up in the next year. There’s not point to start guessing, we have to wait until the winter tests and the first race.”

Räikkönen is not delighted that the preparation for the new season will get underway earlier this time.

„I’ll just have some time with my family. Unfortunately we don’t have such a long break, we restart in January already, so I’ll have some time off to relax and get ready for next year.”

However, Räikkönen suggested that he may miss the January Pirelli test as teams will only be permitted to work with previous cars.