Aston Martin says no to Formula 1

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Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer revealed that the British luxury sport car manufacturer decided not to get involved in Formula 1 after having negotiated with Force India.

The possible cooperation of Force India and Aston Martin seems to fail after thorough talks. Andy Palmer is quoted as saying: „We do not have the means to invest in F1.”

Aston Martin could not recognize what value the investment could deliver for the British company.

„The only interest which a brand can have in motorsport is to demonstrate the quality of the technology of the own road cars. I cannot see what the participation in the grand prix could bring” added Palmer.

Aston Martin was active in F1 as work team in 1959 and 1960. Although the company decided not to reappear in the leading category of motorsport, it is going to stay interested and involved in WEC.