Just three teams to participate in Pirelli wet tyre test

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Pirelli have announced that Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren will be the only teams present at their upcoming wet tyre test, set to be organised on January 25 and 26.

As with other tyre test sessions, Pirelli will be targeting on-track validation of a number of prototype tyres. This time around however, Pirelli will focus only on the full wet tyres, aiming to improve tyre's performance across a range or conditions. The tyre supplier decided to do so in an attempt to make teams use this compound more, whereas it has rarely been used as teams found the intermediates usually more suited for racing.

As the test is aimed to analyse only the tyres, FIA observers will be present at the track to avoid teams trying to use new 2016 components on their 2015 cars as run during the test. Teams will not be aware of whichever prototype they will be running on, and Pirelli will spread a comprehensive report, including sector times to all 2016 competing teams.

Pirelli also explained it wanted only three cars on track at the same time as it aims to create measurable conditions on track. Wetting a track and then releasing 10 cars on it would apparently dry the track too quickly, preventing consisting data gathering.

As for the teams participating in the test, only McLaren Honda has announced its driver, naming test driver and GP2 Champion Stoffel Vandoorne to steer the MP4-30.