Manager explains silence about Schumacher's condition

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Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm declared that the family of the seven-time world champion hasn’t been informing the world about the health state of the great German in a bid to avoid unnecessary misinterpretations.

Schumacher suffered serious injuries during a ski accident back in December 2013. In the first period the family leaked information about the progress of Schumacher’s health. When he was then transferred to his house in Switzerland, the family stopped giving away any pieces of information.

The family has considered carefully how to handle the situation and finally decided to keep silent.

“Every sentence triggers new questions, every word triggers quests for further information. There would never be calmness,” said Kehm to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The family tries to answer to the fans’ greetings, but without answering the questions regarding the German’s health state.

“You cannot answer these questions in a few sentences.”

Kehm also highlighted the fact that Schumacher was known as someone who tries to defend his privacy. That also helped the family to make the decision.

“The private life was saint to Michael also before the accident. Everyone accepted that,” concluded Kehm.