Pirelli announces tyre selection for Montreal

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Pirelli announced on Tuesday the tyre allocation the drivers and teams requested for the forthcoming Canadian GP. The Renault and Haas-Ferrari drivers opted for a rather interesting selection as they all elected to skip totally one compound.

Pirelli introduced a new sporting regulation for this year. The Italian tyre company produces five different compounds as for 2016 as its previous compounds proved to be way too hard for the new generation cars. A fifth compound, the ultrasoft was introduced whith an aim to fit the street and semi-street tracks with very low degradation.

On top of the new compound drivers can decide how many sets of each compound they want to get for a specific weekend. This means almost totally free choice with a few resrictions.

The Milan-based company announces the individual selection two days after the previous race. For the first time this year some drivers elected to completely drop a specific compound. In Montreal the ultrasoft, the suprtsoft and the soft tyres will be in use. Renault and Haas drivers will not get any supersoft compound. The American team's drivers opted for a remarkable number of ultrasoft tyres for the slow corners of the North-American track.

There is only minor fluctuation and differences along the top drivers with Mercedes opting for one more set of ultrasoft then Ferrari.