Debris caused Vettel's crash - Pirelli

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F1 tyre supplier Pirelli have completed their investigation into the reason of the tyre failure that caused a DNF for Sebastian Vettel at the most recent Austrian Grand Prix. The blown tyre forced the German to retire from the race while leading it.

The investigation was complex, given that the tyre was shred into countless pieces as it exploded while the Ferrari was speeding past the pitlane at the Red Bull Ring.

"Analysis of the tyre issue that affected Sebastian Vettel at the recent Austrian Grand Prix has been concluded and the results shared with Ferrari.", noted the report.

"The few remaining parts of the tyre in question, together with an in-depth comparison to other tyres used in the race, reveal no signs of fatigue or structural failure in the right-rear tyre itself.
Consequently, the issue appears to be caused by an item of debris, which led to the breakage of the tyre."