Pirelli confirms its testing plan for 2017

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Formula 1’s tyre supplier Pirelli, now confirmed to be in the sport until 2020 has revealed its schedule regarding its preparation for the coming season. The company plans ten test sessions altogether, nine of them will be carried out by Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes.

F1 looks set to experience a drastic tyre revamp as new, bigger, 25 per cent wider tyres will be introduced for 2017. Front tyres will be 305 mm, the rear tyres 405 mm wide which will be a big change not just in terms of looks, but also in the way the tyres influence car’s dynamics.

The new regulations are part of the package which aimed at making F1 cars look more aggressive. Pirelli was keen to design new generation tyres, but it required an intensive test programme to enable a good preparation for the massive change.

Three of the best funded teams – Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull – were tasked with helping in testing. These teams are in the process of adapting a previous car to comply with the 2017 regulations, in order to allow proper simulation of downforce levels in 2017.

For equity between the teams, the three testing squads have to share their collected information with all the other competitors.

Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes all test three times. Test venues will be Fiorano, Mugello, Barcelona, Paul Ricard and Abu Dhabi. All three teams will complete one wet tyre session.

As for the final test, all teams will complete test sessions in Abu Dhabi after the season finale.

Tyre test schedule for 2017

Aug 1-2FioranoFerrari
Aug 3-4MugelloRed Bull Racing
Sep 6-7BarcelonaFerrari
Sep 6-7-8Paul RicardMercedes AMG
Sep 21-22Paul RicardMercedes AMG
Oct 12-13BarcelonaMercedes AMG
Oct 14-15-16Abu DhabiRed Bull Racing
Nov 2-3Abu DhabiRed Bull Racing
Nov 14-15-16Abu DhabiFerrari
Nov-29Abu Dhabi