Ferrari is not in trouble – Vettel

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Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel said on Thursday at the Hungaroring that Ferrari is not in serious trouble. The German maintained his positive attitude and kept his usual grin on his face as he tried to assure everyone about Ferrari’s constant progress.

F1technical attended Ferrari’s media session late on Thursday at the Hungaroring, one in which Vettel was greeted with some uncomfortable questions.

He was first asked about the rumours around his allegedly uncertain future at Ferrari. His former team chief at Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner stated that Vettel could join Mercedes as early as next year. The German dismissed those rumours with a huge grin and said that Horner was wrong this time.

The Heppenheim-born driver was then asked about Ferrari’s inconstant performance. “We could have done better,” admitted Sebastian as he pinpointed the first part of the season as the big disappointment because Ferrari found itself in troubles in terms of reliability.

The German admitted that Ferrari was very disappointed in Silverstone two weeks ago as that was the first race when Ferrari was outperformed not only by Mercedes, but also Red Bull which completely closed in in the Constructor’s Championship.

However, Vettel was not disheartened as he thinks Ferrari is moving forward. “We are working very hard. We are moving in the right direction,” he said.

He indicated that the post-race test held in Silverstone was very useful for the team. Although they lost the first day practically when Ferrari’s young driver Charles Leclerc sat behind the wheel, the second day when Kimi Räikkönen was on duty served many answers which the fabled Italian squad can use later on in its developments.

The 29-year old also highlighted the fact that Ferrari went through sweeping changes one and half a year ago. He underlined the need of giving the team time to find its rhythm.

As for the constant pressure on Ferrari’s shoulders, Vettel revealed that the team itself does not feel that much pressure coming from the Italian press as it only cares with its internal matters. The German went so far in that question that he called the German press equally ‘cruel’ to the Italian. He also blamed the press for its persistent eagerness to make big stories of nothing and to present Ferrari in decline.

As for this weekend, the three-time Ferrari winner thinks that the layout of the Hungaroring should suit his car much better than Silverstone did a fortnight ago.