Vettel thinks Mercedes are untouchable

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Sebastian Vettel thinks Mercedes are in different league and will therefore be very hard to challenge at this weekend’s Hungarian GP. The German had a torrid day with balance issues, spins and reliabilities woes, but he is sure Ferrari can up its game come the all-important qualifying.

Vettel arrived with high hopes to Hungary. He thought the track would suit his car better than the previous venue Silverstone did. Ferrari are actually closer to its arch-rival, but they are still long way behind the field-dominating Mercedes.

“We should be in a better place tomorrow. It’s quite obvious to see that Mercedes were very competitive this morning and this afternoon,” started Vettel right after the second free practice session. I haven’t seen the long runs, but I guess they are quite strong (there) as well. Maybe it was a stand-out day for them.”

Vettel admitted that Ferrari’s continuing reliability problems hindered him in getting the best out of the day in scorching weather in Hungary.

“We need to work on ourselves. It is also very important here to feel the car, there we can improve. That wasn’t an ideal day, we have lost some time. We had to reset the car and check whether everything is in place. We could solve the issues, but we have lost a bit of time. As far as the balance is concerned we are not where we want to. I don’t feel 100 per cent good.”

The quadruple champion was very critical of the changes which were made to the track. He especially blamed the kerbs which are so flat that it is very easy to completely drive over them. On the contrary he was happy with the resurfaced asphalt despite his spin.

“It was a bit slippery this morning. The asphalt has lot of grip. I was outside the line where it is very slippery. The bumps in the asphalt got flat, it robs a bit of the character of the track,“ said the German.