Pirelli announces its test schedule

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F1technical.net reported earlier what test sessions F1 sole tyre manufacturer Pirelli plans for this year to test its all-new much wider tyres. The Italian company published a test roadmap which shows the exact dates, the type of the sessions – wet or slick- and which of the three testing teams is scheduled.

Pirelli introduces new tyres for next year. Both the front and the rear tyres will be increased in width by approximately 25 per cent. The aim is to enhance grip and make the cars look more spectacular.

The Milan-based tyre manufacturer chose Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes as its allies to make on-track testing for next season. The trio had to redesign one of its previous cars to simulate the downforce level expected for the next campaign with the introduction of new aerodinamical rules.

The company kicks off its testing with Ferrari on 1 August. Sebastian Vettel is going to be the first driver to try the new-generation tyres out on Ferrari’s home track in Fiorano. Ferrari’s test driver Esteban Gutierrez will take over the wheel from the quadruple champion on Tuesday.