Pirelli announce F1 2018 tyre testing programme

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After last year saw a series of teams being involved in Pirelli’s in-season tyre testing, every team will conduct tyre testing throughout the 2018 Formula One Championship, working on next year's compounds.

In 2016, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull helped F1’s sole tyre manufacturer Pirelli to develop the 2017 products. The Milan-based company then worked out a plan of in-season testing for 2017 which saw many teams taking part in the tyre development which ensured that no team got an unfair advantage over its rivals. The in-season tyre testing included a series of post-GP testing which secured a sustainable cost level.

Pirelli retains its system for 2018 when the entire grid will be involved in the development of the 2019 compounds, staging private tests following a number of grand prix.

The schedule will include five post-race tests – Shanghai, Barcelona, Silverstone, Suzuka and Mexico – and private running in Fiorano, Vallenlunga and Paul Ricard. Out of the ten sessions, three will host wet tyre tests. Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes are the only teams signed up for multiple events.

Force India will be the first team to work with Pirelli on the 2019 compounds. The final 2018 Pirelli tyre test will take place in Mexico on October 30, to be completed by Sauber.

2018 Pirelli testing schedule

April 17-18 Shanghai* Slick (Force India)
April 19-20 Fiorano Wet (Ferrari)
May 15-16 Barcelona Slick (McLaren/Haas)
May 30-31 Paul Ricard Wet (Mercedes)
June 14-15 Vallelunga Slick (Toro Rosso)
July 10-11 Silverstone Slick (Red Bull/Williams)
September 5-6 Paul Ricard Wet (McLaren)
September 20-21 Paul Ricard Slick (Mercedes/Ferrari)
October 9-10 Suzuka Slick (Renault)
October 30 Mexico Slick (Sauber)