Haas has placed its UK staff into furlough

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The Haas F1 team also announced cost-cutting measures by placing the majority of its UK staff into furlough amid the financial difficulties caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

After McLaren, Williams, Racing Point and Renault announced earlier that they were furloughing the majority of their staff, Haas also confirmed to Formula1.com that the vast majority of their UK staff has been put on leave. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are believed to have taken salary reduction as well.

Key personnel at Haas’s UK base at Banbury will continue to work, but they have also taken reduced salaries. UK companies receive a significant financial support from the government as it pays 80°of salaries for employees who are kept by their employers and covers wages up to £2,500 per month, effective April 1.

Haas has staff at its US headquarters in Kannapolis and also has an operation in Northern Italy that carries out wind tunnel work at Ferrari’s ultra-modern facility. It is unclear what measures Formula 1’s sole American team has taken regarding its staff in the US and Italy.