FIA introduces new initiative

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The international governing body has announced that it has set up a whistleblower hotline in order to monitor competitors and companies that are breaking the rules.

In Tuesday, the FIA has launched a new initiative, termed the FIA Ethics and Compliance Hotline in order to safeguard the integrity and reputation of motorsport and automobile mobility worldwide.

The FIA communicated that the hotline will enable anyone to report suspicious behaviour or concerns of misconduct. The areas covered include alleged violations of the FIA ethical principles, alleged issues related to sport integrity and/or manipulation of competitions and alleged violations of the FIA anti-doping regulations.

The new tool which is already fully operational and accessible via the FIA website will be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The governing body promises full confidentiality will be guaranteed throughout the whole process.

To guaratnee maximum credibility, the FIA warns that criminal and civil action could be taken against the reporting person if someone uses the hotline in bad faith.

„Using the platform intentionally, recklessly or negligently in order to make a false or misleading representation for causing harm will result in a discarded report and possible disciplinary measures (including civil claim or criminal charges)," read the FIA statement.