FIA adds rainbow to safety car livery

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Supporting Formula One’s WeRaceAsOne campaign, the sport’s governing body, the FIA has announced that the safety car and the medical car will feature a new livery in the 2020 season.

Ahead of the season-opening Austrian Grand Prix, the FIA presented the fresh look of the AMG GT R that is the official safety car of Formula One. The new livery features large rainbow visuals on the sides and the long hood. The medical car has also been given the rainbow visuals as part of its new look for 2020.

The rainbow has become the symbol of Formula One’s WeRaceAsOne. The Black Lives Matter movement that had shone a searching light on how much the world needs to find new measures and actions in the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination. In reaction to the global movement, F1 has also revealed its commitment to fight against racism and any kind of discrimination.

Moreover, the AMG GT R is also hailing the ‘Drive Safely’ call and the hashtag #PurposeDriven that is symbolic for FIA’s recent incline towards safety, sustainability, gender equality and diversity.