FIA supports the diversity in motor sport with a huge donation

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Formula One’s governing body, the FIA will donate one millions euros from its FIA Innovation Fund to contribute to the WeRaceAsOne initiative that aims to improve diversity in motor sport.

Last month, Formula One and FIA launched separate innitiatives to improve motor sport’s positive contribution to society. The governing body introduced its new movement, titled PurposeDriven, to express its willingness of having a positive impact on sectors, including health, safety, economy, environment, education, inclusionand diversity.

Formula One also launched its own initiative, termed WeRaceAsOne that targets to increase inclusion and diversity in motor sport. At the same time, Formula One also announced the creation of a dedicated Fundation that will finance internships and apprenticeships for groups that are under-represented within the sport.

The FIA has now announced that it will give one million euros in contribution to diversity in motor sport.

„This contribution will support a range of activities that will create a more inclusive and diverse culture within Formula 1 and other motor sport disciplines, attracting more talent and financing internships and apprenticeships for under-represented groups to ensure that they can fulfil their potential and have access to promising careers in motor sport.

„Priority will be placed on promoting a diverse driver talent pipeline by identifying and systematically eliminating barriers to entry from grass roots karting to Formula 1, in line with the single-seater pyramid implemented by the FIA for many years” FIA’s statement read.

FIA President, Jean Todt has stressed that the governing body has always seen supporting the diversity of motorsport as one of its main tasks.

“The FIA is guided by the Fundamental Principles of our Statutes which state that we should fight any form of discrimination and notably on account of skin colour, religion, ethnic or social origin. We must promote diversity in motor sport, and that is why we decided to give one million euros in contribution to the new dedicated Foundation created by Formula 1. That is a first step, and more will come.”

Formula 1 CEO, Chase CAREY , said: "We are delighted the FIA has made this very generous donation of one million euros to the foundation we announced last month. It is a major step in our goal to support key educational and employment opportunities for under represented groups. Both Formula 1 and the FIA are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion across our sport."