Hamilton to miss Sakhir Grand Prix

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Mercedes has announced that Lewis Hamilton would miss this weekend's Sakhir Grand Prix after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. The team is yet to announce the replacement for the British driver.

Last weekend's race winner Lewis Hamilton was tested three times last week and returned a negative result each time. He was last tested on Sunday afternoon at the Bahrain International Circuit which was part of the race weekend testing programme.

However, Hamilton reported mild symptoms on Monday morning after waking up and was also informed that a contact prior to arrival in Bahrain had also tested positive. He was therefore tested for the virus on yesterday and returned a positive result. He was retested with the second test also delivering a positive result.

The seven-time world champion is now isolating in accordance with Covid-19 protocols. Apart from mild symptoms, he is fit and well. Mercedes will sonn announce the driver who will replace Hamilton for this weekend's Sakhir Grand Prix.