Alfa Romeo F1 Team teams up with Accelleron

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Sauber Technologies and Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN have announced that they have joined forces with high-performance engineering brand Accelleron, to exchange insight, principles and processes that will support innovation across all three organisations.

Accelleron is the brand name for ABB Turbocharging, a global leader in heavy duty turbocharging for diesel and gas engines, providing sustainable and reliable power to the marine, energy and rail sectors. The partnership will focus on technical collaboration between Accelleron and Sauber Technologies, while Accelleron also becomes an official partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN in the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Accelleron and Sauber Technologies will work on five joint projects in areas including computational fluid dynamics where aerodynamic expertise developed by Sauber can be used to optimize turbine blade design to improve airflow and separation, further enhancing the efficiency of future turbine designs for Accelleron. Other areas of collaboration include additive manufacturing techniques, and advanced material technology used in Formula One which may be adapted for use in turbocharging applications.

CEO of Sauber Group, Frédéric Vasseur said: "Sauber Technologies embodies the knowledge and expertise of 50 years of motorsport competition, and we look forward to putting this to good use in our partnership with Accelleron.

"Together we share a drive for sustainability, innovation and teamwork - as well as an agile and efficient engineering approach geared towards high-quality products. I'm excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring to life.”

Alfa Romeo's Technical Director Jan Monchaux commented: “Formula One is often described as a high-speed laboratory. The partnership with Accelleron will allow both of our skilled teams to work together to improve the flow of innovation from the racetrack into the real world. This is an exciting development and one that has the power to make a difference across multiple touchpoints.”

Oliver Riemenschneider, CEO of Accelleron added: “I am delighted that Accelleron is partnering with Sauber Technologies and making this exciting move into Formula One with Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN. Through this collaboration, we are bringing together two icons of Swiss technology and innovation. This is a collaboration that will focus on the exchange of intelligence, experience and insight to enable the transfer of progress and innovation from one high-performance sector to another.”