Ill-minded fans climb over fences during F1 Imola race

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Despite an impressive and professional organisation at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, several fans managed to climb over the fences to reach the circuit.

The incident happened 10 laps into the 63-lap Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Three fans managed to climb over the walls that enclose the double grandstand that is located in close proximity to the first Rivazza corner.

Grandstands are usually located well inside circuit territories and are enclosed with separate fences. However, the Imola track’s Rivazza grandstand is unique in the sense that a section of the walls that encloses this double grandstand is inside the track territory, while the rest of the walls has a direct connection to the public field.

Having spotted the ill-minded fans, security guards wanted to warn them, but one of them aggressively pushed a member of the security when he was enclosed by three guards. The security man lost his balance and fell on the ground. Although his colleagues wanted to help him, he was unable to stand up.

The medical team appeared just fractions after the incident, and he received treatment. With his condition looking fairly serious, he was placed on a stretcher and the ambulance car transferred him into the hospital.

After pushing the security personal, the fan could run away, but he was ultimately caught by the policemen. However, two other fans managed to climb out of the enclosed grandstand section despite the high walls.

Experiencing the professionalism with which the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari was running the Imola F1 race weekend all through the event, the behaviour of some ill-minded fans marked a frustrating incident. Despite the event being sold-out, fans were treated professionally and friendly both at the entrance gates and inside the circuit, which makes it even more unfortunate that some cannot respect the rules.