This one is for Michelin - Alonso

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The World Champion, Fernando Alonso, finished on the top step of a 100% Michelin podium. It was the first victory of the Spaniard in the Principality of Monaco, a victory Alonso wants to dedicate to Edouard Michelin.

Fernando, how was the race for you?

"It was pretty intense in the first stint! I started from pole, which made life a bit easier because overtaking is so difficult in Monaco. So I was leading, but Kimi Raikkonen was quick and put some pressure on me in the first two stints. The important thing was to look after the tyres so I could use the performance at the right moment."

You seemed quite slow at the start of the second stint. Why?

"I was having some problems at the end of my first stint, because the car was oversteering a lot and had poor traction. The second stint was going to be longer than the first, so I tried to look after the tyres for the first 15 laps so I could push harder later. So I was going a bit slower deliberately. Then Kimi retired and I didn’t need to push the tyres so hard at the end, but anything could still have happened."

And apart from that?

"Everything went pretty well. I just had to keep the concentration, make no mistakes, and avoid the barriers. The priority was to get to the finish."

Is it special to win in Monaco?

"Of course, although nothing will equal the atmosphere in Barcelona! It is special to win here, because the Monaco Grand Prix is the best known race in the world."

It must also mean something to be on a 100% Michelin podium today…

"Yes, I want to dedicate this win to Edouard Michelin. We were all shocked by what happened on Friday."

Finally, it was a good race for the championship – are you pleased?

"Yes, I took 6 points off Michael Schumacher and 10 points off Kimi. That’s important, and I am starting to have a good gap. But we are not sitting back. We will try and increase the advantage little by little and, with some luck, we hope we can have a good end to the season. I have won four times, and finished second in the other three races this year. If I can do the same thing in the next seven races, then we will be looking pretty good!"

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