We want to get points this year - Colin Kolles

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The Spyker F1 Team unveiled the F8-VII today at Silverstone. Managing director Colin Kolles gives us his thoughts on the 2007 F1 season, the goals of the team, the new car and of course his new driver line-up.

Is the 2007 season the start of a new era for the team?

"This year will be the new start for the Spyker brand, but we also need to look at it as a new start for the team too. Over the past three years there have been some far-reaching changes in the team, from the name to the management to the structure, but we now know that Spyker want to make the project work, which is very positive for everyone. When you know that somebody wants to do well and is here for the long run it gives you an extra drive to make it work as you know you have a goal to aim for. We’ve got a real direction and focus now."

Since Spyker came on board you have made some changes, firstly bringing Mike Gascoyne on board in November to strengthen the team. Are these the first steps in turning the team around?

"Having people like Mike in the team shows we are serious about improving. We know that Spyker want to be in F1 to win and Mike has a great history of turning teams around. He is there to help guide James Key and his technical team and together I’m confident they will steadily improve the team’s performance. So far the appointment is working well, he has already made some changes and brought other resources on board such as Aerolab; we’re gradually strengthening a good team dynamic that we hope will continue to improve."

Last year was a very disappointing one for the team, but this year there seems to be a real optimism that things can change.

"Yes, it was disappointing not to score a point the whole season, but when you look at the improvement we made as a team in the tail end of the season, I think we didn’t do as badly as the stats make out. We’ve got to build on that now and move forward. We want to get points this year, but we want to earn them, not just inherit them."

You have a new driver line-up, with Christijan joined by Adrian Sutil. What convinced you to sign Adrian as a full-time race driver?

"Adrian was part of the team last year and drove in three Friday sessions. We were very impressed with his approach and commitment and, of course, his speed. He has a good attitude and fits in well with the team. He wants to learn and grow, and we want to do that too. Having Adrian on a long term deal should be beneficial to us both."

Christijan has also resigned for another season, giving the team increased stability. How much does that mean to the team?

"Christijan contributed a lot to the team’s development last year and it’s very good that he can compare last year’s car to this year’s and give the engineers feedback on direction. He’s very quick and committed to the team too, and has a great enthusiasm that’s very infectious. He has a lot of pressure, being the only Dutch full-time F1 race driver in a Dutch car, but that kind of exposure is good for both his own and the team’s profile."

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