Renault help launch F1 in Abu Dhabi

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As Abu Dhabi launched itself onto the F1 stage last Saturday, the world champion ING Renault F1 Team was at the heart of the action, with Nelson Piquet Jr. taking the wheel of the world championship-winning R26 to wow the crowd of 10,000 people watching the ‘Tribute to the Champions’ event.

In conjunction with the spectacular demonstration event, itself reminiscent of the ING Renault F1 Team’s successful Renault F1 Roadshow, Bernie Ecclestone held a well-attended press conference to welcome Abu Dhabi to the Formula 1 family from 2009 onwards.

The new circuit will be 5.6 km in length, located on a man-made island – and will include features such as a marina section reminiscent of Monaco, as well as a host of entertainment facilities around the track itself.

Always an enthusiastic supporter of new ideas in Formula 1, ING Renault F1 Team Managing Director Flavio Briatore endorsed the new project: “We have had a fantastic, warm welcome here in Abu Dhabi – and the enthusiasm for the new race is incredible. International expansion is something Formula 1 should welcome, if we are going to have a true world championship. There is no sense having 80% of the calendar in Europe, in my opinion. Abu Dhabi will be the perfect venue for Formula 1.”

There are two years to go until the lights go green in Abu Dhabi…. The countdown has begun!

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